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The Descendants

Enjoying the bundle of goodies
Bestowed upon by the ancestors,

Coming to terms with bitterness thrown upon,
When you least expected while living,

It is is sharing every bit of it,
In thick and thin with those who matter,

Guarding the gifts for others
Relishing cosy midnight snack
With the ones who would carry your legacy.

- Swati, August 8, 2016 15.23 English, On Life As Such, Poems about Good Films


तटबंदी प्रशस्त
चोहोबाजूंनी बंदिस्त
मोकळ्या श्वासासाठी आत
हवेशीर पठार प्रशस्त

कधी बसावे वाटले
ऊन- पाऊस सोडून
खंबीर भुयारी,  ऊब गोंजारत
तरी हलकेच यावी 
कवडशाची चाहूल

अशा किल्ल्यात मोकळ्या
सगे - सोबतांची पानगळ
इथे नसावे सयींचे वादळ
वा पायरवांची वर्दळ

जरी तटबंदीच्या घेरात
जोमाने जगायच्या खेळात,

जगात वादळ - वावटळ
तरी सरळ - निर्मळ
माझ्या किल्ल्यातली हिरवळ

- स्वाती, 12  जुलै, 2015 18.05,  Dombivali.

Lunchbox !

Life seemed
a bunch of repeatitive chores;

Before the accidental exchange
of tasty food - for body and soul.

It was different before,
For you and me -
Two lonely persons
finding refudge in nothingness;

Keeping nothingness out of nothing,
as if one survived every breath,
till death shall rescue.

Dieing inside with nothingness
But desire and dream
of a life better
Came out stonger.

Nothingness of meaningless solitude
A void of repititive chores;
Performed punctually in nothingness.

But then, the well cooked, flavorful food
cooked with love & care
Came as an accidental change.

Daily chore of the boxed lunch. ..
Came out as a nurturing treat;
a company of
somethingness long overdue!

The life giving food for someone,
with some things special for them !!
Than tolerable eatables from the Mess!

From nothingness of loneliness in the present
To hope and desire for happiness ahead;

All packed in the Lunchbox of hope.

- Swati. Feb. 14, 2015 11.45 pm

This poem is about a wonderful film directed by Ritesh Batra, 'Lun…

Eternal Want not Need!

Had a hope of recieving love
Of loving the person for life
Of committing to be there in thick & thin
And then it all went wrong!

In a sudden corner then,
We crossed path again
Facing each other comfortably
We were fend to ourselves to decide;

If to crossover and connect
Or if to override and stay apart.

Its not easy either ways
Its easy to love and to want being loved

Its difficult to love and trust again
Wrestling of ego, habits & shadows of past

Its not easy to come to terms;
To want love though not in Need of it.

(These thoughts became stronger after watching the film - Finding Fanny)
- Swati. October 03 2014

On the Sequel Before Sunrise and Before Sunset!

Before Sunrise & Before Sunset!
In the evening we met And in the morning we left .... That one night was - - The Space in Between, - We created Us.
After nine years Of being drifted apart We share, Our Hearts - Of dying inside - - Mourning the Romantic Love we have given up. ..
Now we connect - Just in Time!, As again to Depart; ...
Or May be ... May be you are gonna miss that Plane ..... ! ! !
- Swati. October 6, 2010. Before Sunrise & Before Sunset is a film sequel, directed by Richard Linklator, Acted by Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawks.

A Poem Inspired by the film 'Pather Panchali'

Aunt's Death
On the way home I saw your, Snow White hair . . . Loosing your shine in daylight Your faint smile disappearing in Nothingness; A serious fight of deprivation - - - Deprived me - of you …
Durga in Appu's memory
Running through the dancing fields, Chasing the moving train, We rushed to the tall tree in Rain.
--- Then I saw your fragile body, Dark face, full of Pain.
Touch of the necklace thrown, Haunts me in Vain - - -
Oh my dear fallen leaves - - - of the summer of my life, Down the Memory Lane.

- Swati June, 2010.
This poem was written for Ms. Oorvazi Irani's blog on cinema. Oorvazi is a trainer of Film Appreciation & Acting. She published this poem on her blog in June 2010. Now I am only repeating this here for readers of this blog. Thank you Oorvazi for publishing my poem in a section 'Film Appreciation Family Speaks'.
You may want to visit Oorvazi's blog:


You robbed a thing from me ...
It cost me a Living. I robbed it,
... It cost me an Honour. Oh! My Possession and Loss!
- Swati, May 23, 2010.
After watching the film 'Bicycle Theif' once again, this was obvious.

#bicycletheif #poem #cinema

Bergman's Wild Strawberries!

Bergman's Wild Strawberries!

Swinging back & forth in time,
With the clock ....

My friend saw the bright Sun in the sky at night.
.... As we came out of the cinema hall

And I can't decide - even now ....
Was it the bright Sun in the night?
Or a yellow Moon on a full moon night?

Swinging back and forth
.... in the wilderness of our mind!

       - Swati, April 2, 2010.
         (Experience : an autumn evening in Mumbai, NCPA's Tata Theater, in 1996 or 97).