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Oh Death!

You always arrive, suddenly! No matter when, or where or for whom; your sudden presence is felt, On the Life that Was.
Your shadows spread Like an oil spill,  On whose, 'someone', you took away.
Those shadows are weird, Full of memories!

In the mourning tears, You smile in your darkness, To affirm your supreme-ness.

within tears lies the love,
Which stays ever undeterred, triumphant ever. Overpowering your deadly vagabond self !

- Swati November 20, 2017

This poem is made to the memory of my Aunt Suman Aatya who took her last breath this morning. 


Love your intelligence, 
Dear Humans!
You created Us,  the AI's as your crewman;
Your kind seems a great mind, You taught us to learn to join the grind, So then, just stay away and unwind, The powers within us can't be rewind;

Let's do what we can do!  If you have not coded us to save you, Then nothing can be done about you. 

- Swati, October 11, 2017


When a down-turn begins; It's cumulative;
Pushing through the darker zones, Leading into the unending spell, Of an existence so lowly, That with it none can jell;
Being in depression  Is just not good, Weather a person or an economy;
Right thing at a right time, Else both worth not a dime.

- Swati Vaidya October 10, 2017


You took up on a journey, As this journey matters,  You took along,  all the things that matter,
They make your journey, 'Home, Away from Home' ;
You wanted them along, To cherish the journey, But instead, Things seem as if mood-spoiling,  They look nothing but your Baggage ;
Would you rid them off?
Oh dear, leave behind the baggage,  Go get your New Beginnings!
- Swati May 22, 2017 20.00

Give it a Break !

A very own self of mid 40's,
You are yet to hit the 50!

Suavely navigating down the memory lane,
Or climbing up the dream street,
You have turned things upside down,
Braved a fall on stormy rides.

But now you look for a smooth flow,
Of life and cash and peaceful bliss,
And you are ready to leave the annoying ones,
Or those irritating stupidities you tolerated.

Your sense of duty getting 'Inwards',
You crave for things to make peace for your own,
Your fathomless will and self actualisation,
Has known no greater heights ever before.

So just do it, for your own sake,
Give it a break!

- Swati, March 12, 2017 20.59

Be Bold for Change !

Be Fearless,
Not Docile,
Be Direct, Not Deceptive,
Make a Choice,  Own it up, 
Be not Scared,  Face it up,
Make a Dream,  Make it come true, Live it up, Do not Give Up!
Be the Change, Not Wait for Change,
Be Yourself, Be Bold, for Change!
- Swati March 8, 2017.


We are the sum total,  Of little things we did, With our dear ones gone!
A simple fruit shared with a darling grandmother;
A meal cooked for me by grandfather; An evening treat of junk food by the great uncle; And the smile of a dying dear one as he sipped the Tea I made for him! 
These are the few things which keep, Intense Feelings alive,
As an assurance of Being Human!
- Swati March 01, 2017

Ghosts of an Era

For every Era, There is a dawn  And its Fall.
From the sudden dawn Slowly, eventually, Emerges the Fall.
An Era may perish, Within the boom of its own.
In the ghostly silence Lie the debries of  Passions and Values,  Definitive of times foregone!

- Swati, Feb. 20, 2017.


Watching You in your state,
of Resigned Connectedness
There was this joy,  Of being able to watch You.
Yet then,  Pensive Soberness refuses to leave the eyes!

- Swati, January 22, 2017


Feeling about something, that without it, life shall no longer be; but you were alive before, and so are you upon loosing it !
Feeling acquisitive then !
Feeling about something, your accompanist in everything; taken for granted, missed the most when lost even a while'
Felt what is a 'Need' Then ! 
- Swati Jan 08, 2017, 


Borders are drawn,
Restriciting entry or exit
A thing that binds, together
That which may not bind

And it seperates the souls
Whose bond can't be unbound

Its a limit imposed,
A mechanism of control,  ?
Or a method of torture?

Minding by State?
Or State of Mind?

No matter what,
Borders are definitive.

Drawing a Border
Drawing a Line
Could it be animalistic?
Or mere game of survival?

- Swati , August 14, 2016 9.29 am

The Descendants

Enjoying the bundle of goodies
Bestowed upon by the ancestors,

Coming to terms with bitterness thrown upon,
When you least expected while living,

It is is sharing every bit of it,
In thick and thin with those who matter,

Guarding the gifts for others
Relishing cosy midnight snack
With the ones who would carry your legacy.

- Swati, August 8, 2016 15.23 English, On Life As Such, Poems about Good Films


Baby girl Walk-dancing in rain.
While on the way to school,
Dancing in rhythm oblivious of the street, She was amused for evry bit of her world
And then came the youth, In her lively dark pink, engrossed in smoking her cigarate, She resembled the lively fashion parade.
Madam in a mood for a long walk after work Enjoying the gentle breez of the rainy day
Warm sunlight afrer thundering showers Her lively gaze to the city of her deeds Personifies the life within, that very moment,

- Swati , August 01, 2016 12.45 pm

What Happens?

Someone Stirring the stinking pond, while
Pretending 'Clean'n Clear', 

What Happens?   

Someone Opinionating the Whimsical,while
Making 'Peace', 

What Happens? 

Feels Cannibalizing!
Someone Cleverly tweaking, while

What Happens? 

Smells so Foul!
Someone Capturing the moment, while
First raindrop fell, 

What Happens?

Someone Walking like a Cloud, while
In City, 

What Happens?
Feels Liberated!
Someone Spotting the 'Eyes'
From crowd, 

What Happens?

It, simply Matters!
- Swati, June 12, 21.47


There was a time,
When I killed 'Me',
which loved 'You';

And now there is 'Me',
who loves 'Me',
for having killed the old me,
for having bore the new me;

Without the new 'Me'
I was chaotically lonely.

-Swati, June 07, 2016, 11.13 am


Down and Deep
There is this thing, Which never left Where it was Pushed;
Companion of every moment Background voice for each act A feeling unsatiated Left to ruin in the dark;
Yet it lays  Underneath everything, Providing a strong base for the Veil within.

- Swati, April 07, 2016 22.28


During the course of lifeWhen things aren't right, As the world turns up side down, and Yet, again indeed,
Even when you are left Without a rational posibility, of a desired outcome You just don't give up!
Not beacuse of speculation, Nor any Blind Hope, But the attitude that changes - Everything in  "Down to Earth" You,
Makes you determined, Come what may, To stand up, Work it out, and Make it all right !
- Swati, April 01, 2016


A structure to nurture
Each other,

To shield from damage
A measure to heal the scars,

Cacoon is an unbroken layer
To be broken to free the new life.

- Swati, March 07, 2016 22.45

Hold on. ...

When nothing left
Nothing what so ever,

It makes you gather pieces,
Your companion through hardships,

Which makes you sail the Ocean

Its not care nor is it love
It is just your ability,
To hold on !

So just hold on, to yourself !

when none else visible.

- Swati Feb 19, 2016

Another Firey Summer !

And it came again
with its glorious light,
hot sweaty mornings
that are antidote for the
ill-satiated fire within;

Hot waves of breezy noons'
Warm eveninngs of magical skies,
Reminde the lonely Eagle's flight !

Why guard like a Hawk?
when sure of the sun-burns,
during lonely walks in
yet another firey summer !

- Swati Feb 17, 2016 23.32 hrs.