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Hey there!

Whenever you 've gone, You were gone far away, You were gone for too long.
When you were gone, Things were not the same. 
When you were gone,  you were gone for too long,  even if you went a while away. 

When you were gone,  Waiting was the hour of the day. 

Hey You !! 
- Swati March 18, 2018 22.40

Done - Undone

Having done with you,Seems like having finished a lifetime, Of chores that almost choked existence. 
Vaccume which filled my thoughts and actions, And an empty room full of hope, Brought to me a judgement of the Undone.
- Swati March 17, 2018


गटांगळ्या खात पळून जाता जाता
यांनी तोडलेयत लचके, थोडे माणसांचे, मग माणसांनी केलेल्या कमाईचे, अन् खूप जास्त या व्यवस्थेचे. 
मुर्दाड लबाडीने  आपली वखवख पुरवत, हे उंडारतायत खुशाल इथं मागं उरलीयेत, लचक्यांची कुजकट शितं.
- Swati Vaidya February 23, 2018.