Oh Death!

You always arrive, suddenly!
No matter when, or where or for whom;
your sudden presence is felt,
On the Life that Was.

Your shadows spread
Like an oil spill, 
On whose, 'someone', you took away.

Those shadows are weird,
Full of memories!

In the mourning tears,
You smile in your darkness,
To affirm your supreme-ness.

within tears lies the love,
Which stays ever undeterred, triumphant ever.
Overpowering your deadly vagabond self !

- Swati November 20, 2017
This poem is made to the memory of my Aunt Suman Aatya who took her last breath this morning. 
Poem and Photos ©Ms. Swati Vaidya


May her soul rest in peace. This is a very touching poem, I am sure everyone can relate to this somewhere.
Swati Vaidya said…
Thank you Dreamer, i.e., Twinkle Mayekar.