Be Bold for Change !

Be Fearless,
Not Docile,

Be Direct,
Not Deceptive,

Make a Choice, 
Own it up, 

Be not Scared, 
Face it up,

Make a Dream, 
Make it come true,
Live it up,
Do not Give Up!

Be the Change,
Not Wait for Change,

Be Yourself,
Be Bold, for Change!

- Swati March 8, 2017.


chanda asani said…
Reading this poem on International Working Women's Day, love you lots, women are naturally fearless :) Still your poem is the need of the hour for men and women to get over the constructed fears.
Swati Vaidya said…
Love you Dear Chanda. True, every person is born fearless. Fear of disapproval is something we learn , and learn to avoid. At times it is glorified . 🤔