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संथ -स्वैर

असतंच की, चलन - वलन
कुणालाच पत्ता न लागेलसं ;
कदाचित न कळेलसं स्वतःलाही तरीही गतिमान, सउद्देश चालणं ;
विनापर्वा, विनासोबत आपल्याच तालात - डौलात !

- Swati, March 19, 2017 22.00

Give it a Break !

A very own self of mid 40's,
You are yet to hit the 50!

Suavely navigating down the memory lane,
Or climbing up the dream street,
You have turned things upside down,
Braved a fall on stormy rides.

But now you look for a smooth flow,
Of life and cash and peaceful bliss,
And you are ready to leave the annoying ones,
Or those irritating stupidities you tolerated.

Your sense of duty getting 'Inwards',
You crave for things to make peace for your own,
Your fathomless will and self actualisation,
Has known no greater heights ever before.

So just do it, for your own sake,
Give it a break!

- Swati, March 12, 2017 20.59

बदल दे

हो जा निड़र 
न रहे सिमट कर 
कर सीधे मुकाबला  न रहे छिपछिपकर
कर जो है पसंद  चुकाकर उसकी कीमत
न डर हर पल  कर ले सामना जुटकर
सपनोंको बुन  सपनोंको साकार कर जी ले, जी भरकर  छोड़ना मत हार मानकर
बन जा खुद बदलाव बदलाव का रास्ता ताकना छ़ोडकर 
- स्वाती,  मार्च 08, 2017

Be Bold for Change !

Be Fearless,
Not Docile,
Be Direct, Not Deceptive,
Make a Choice,  Own it up, 
Be not Scared,  Face it up,
Make a Dream,  Make it come true, Live it up, Do not Give Up!
Be the Change, Not Wait for Change,
Be Yourself, Be Bold, for Change!
- Swati March 8, 2017.


We are the sum total,  Of little things we did, With our dear ones gone!
A simple fruit shared with a darling grandmother;
A meal cooked for me by grandfather; An evening treat of junk food by the great uncle; And the smile of a dying dear one as he sipped the Tea I made for him! 
These are the few things which keep, Intense Feelings alive,
As an assurance of Being Human!
- Swati March 01, 2017