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Hold on. ...

When nothing left
Nothing what so ever,

It makes you gather pieces,
Your companion through hardships,

Which makes you sail the Ocean

Its not care nor is it love
It is just your ability,
To hold on !

So just hold on, to yourself !

when none else visible.

- Swati Feb 19, 2016

Another Firey Summer !

And it came again
with its glorious light,
hot sweaty mornings
that are antidote for the
ill-satiated fire within;

Hot waves of breezy noons'
Warm eveninngs of magical skies,
Reminde the lonely Eagle's flight !

Why guard like a Hawk?
when sure of the sun-burns,
during lonely walks in
yet another firey summer !

- Swati Feb 17, 2016 23.32 hrs.


A feeling that desire would be fulfilled,
Not a rational expectation
Neither a blind belief;
Hope is a feeling in between!

An uncertain outcome,
Meets a strong desire
Possibility of fufillment;
Brings in all the sweetness,
Always ahead of the outcome!

Hope is a choice in between,
Of Desire and Resignment;
Feeling so unconditional, inexplicable
Just like Love!

- Swati February 10, 2016 03.34 am