Sunday, August 26, 2012

Three Ducks @ Bangana Pond, Walkeshwar, Mumbai

Three Ducks @ Bangana Pond, Walkeshwar, Mumbai.

Duck 2 @ Bangana Pond, Walkeshwar, Mumbai

Duck 2 @ Bangana Pond, Walkeshwar, Mumbai.

White Duck @ Banganga Pond, Walkeshwar, Mumbai

White Duck @ Banganga Pond, Walkeshwar, Mumbai.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just Photos This Time. Aurangabad.

This was my third visit to Aurangabad in June 2011. I am ready to go there ... well, whenever I can spare myself from work, home and my nonsence! 

The three places from these photographs, The Ellora's Kailas Temple, Ajantha Caves and the Daulatabad Fort - do represent 3 different religions in India. To me religion maters little. These places attract me for a very simple reason - they are human made beauties. They represent a sense of fathomless creativity, determination and collective action of the human mind. I love and respect that and care for just that and only that.

Kailas Temple, Elora( Verul), Near Aurangabad

Me an Atheist, gets a very different feeling while being in Kailas Temple. I learnt about a beautiful synchronization between human efforts, intellect and our fear for the unknown and hence the emotion of faith, a complete surrender to a belief, without any questions or doubts. Some how, this cave, the kailas temple makes me understand others being theist and not crib about it.

Sheep Shape Canon, Daulatabad Fort, Near Aurangabad

Canon at the doorway, Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

Massive Courtyard opposite the Temple, Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

Pillars in the Temple next to the massive courtyard, Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

The Fort at Daulatabad has a beautiful blend of Minar as well as a temple in the fort. As this fort was initially build by Yadavs, Hindu kings near Aurangabad, who called their kingdom as the kingdom of Yadav's of Devgiri. Hence, sometimes the Daulatabad Fort is refered to as the Devgiri Fort.

Chand Minaar, Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

One old building, Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

Well @ Daulatabad Fort, Aurangabad

Ajantha Caves, in the first rain of that year!!! 

View of Ajantha Caves from the top of the opposite mountain, called Ajantha Caves Point, surprised me completely, the first time I visited that place about 15 years ago. I was never fond of Historical Monuments nor Religious places till then. I had little reason to visit that place. But I went with my mother as both of us just wanted to get out of the routine and wanted to spend a lot of time only with each other. My mother liked the caves so I accepted and went along with her. 

Ajanta Caves, view while exiting

The first glimpses of the caves from the Cave Point, and these caves became a part of my love, my inner most thought and my company that moment on. These caves  make me humble, inspire me to do all that can be done, against all odds and at the same time the Ajanta Caves make me feel proud, that I am a Human Being, who is capable of creating something like 'This", given dedication, hard work and collective efforts. 

One of the Buddha paintings from Ajantha Caves

Buddha Paintings on the Pillar, Ajantha Caves
Visit to these caves, basically all these three places near Aurangabad has become an eternal longing. They are in my day dreams. They cheer me up in my nightmares. Their memories punch on my face, whenever the procrastinator in me becomes dominating! Love you dear Kailas Temple, Daulatabad Fort and Ajantha Caves.

You 've given a different dimension to my being.

- Swati. August 4, 2012.