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Life is life, or is it - - - - ?
.... Is it Working to Live?
Or .... Living to Work?
Some things make Life Be - !!
Reading music of the Rain;
Lazy gaze at the new leaves;
Awed stare at the Mushrooms on the Trees;
And a long walk :
in the unfrequented bylane -
only to Smell Flowers of the most Inaccessible Tree!

Oh, how lovely these petty - pretty things ...
Make the day a memory!
Make the living be life. ... !

Leisure, leisure, leisure -
Our personal ways of making our Existence a Life!

- Swati, July 26, 2010.

A Poem Inspired by the film 'Pather Panchali'

Aunt's Death
On the way home I saw your, Snow White hair . . . Loosing your shine in daylight Your faint smile disappearing in Nothingness; A serious fight of deprivation - - - Deprived me - of you …
Durga in Appu's memory
Running through the dancing fields, Chasing the moving train, We rushed to the tall tree in Rain.
--- Then I saw your fragile body, Dark face, full of Pain.
Touch of the necklace thrown, Haunts me in Vain - - -
Oh my dear fallen leaves - - - of the summer of my life, Down the Memory Lane.

- Swati June, 2010.
This poem was written for Ms. Oorvazi Irani's blog on cinema. Oorvazi is a trainer of Film Appreciation & Acting. She published this poem on her blog in June 2010. Now I am only repeating this here for readers of this blog. Thank you Oorvazi for publishing my poem in a section 'Film Appreciation Family Speaks'.
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