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You robbed a thing from me ...
It cost me a Living. I robbed it,
... It cost me an Honour. Oh! My Possession and Loss!
- Swati, May 23, 2010.
After watching the film 'Bicycle Theif' once again, this was obvious.

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अचानक तुमच्या समोर येउन हाक मारली हात हातात घेउन म्हणालात - - - आलीस S S S ! बस ना !
पाणावलेली नजर आणि सुरकुतलेला स्पर्श यांमधून गवसले - - - असे काही, - - - जे वाटते गमावलेसे.
   - स्वाती May 15, 2010


भूगोलीय आकाराच्या किटलीत सोनेरी, तांबूस द्रव्य
वाफाळता चमचमणारा जसा लाव्हारस स्रुजनाच्या तकतकीचा मूलाधार !
कधी उकळणारा ज्वालामुखी निर्मितीतल्या विध्वंसाचा स्वामी ? - - - ! !
शांत कपात लाडिवाळ द्रव्य दिगंताच्या पलिकडचे स्फुलिंग.
            - स्वाती May 09, 2010


Happiness, ...... Or the Road to Happiness? In the quest for happiness ..... Settled for its illusion Available instantly .... In the name of success & achievement, ....
Wins in the petty games and conquers of the miserable wars .... All played havoc .... On the Road to Happiness;
..... Being in the company of worries, sulking and contemplation! All that was missing - was Happiness!!
Got bored of these co-travellers .... On the Road to Happiness And; Chose to assert freedom to stop, - to achieve, to conquer - and sulk in contemplation.
And there came the Happiness. Not the 'Road to Happiness', rather ... Happiness from Within!!!

- Swati May 03, 2010.