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Sunrays baby-hugging the long path,
Known direction,
Approaching destination ....
I have a yearning for such path
And ....
I want to enjoy the journey!
- Swati April 25, 2010.

Chance ..... Choice!

Chance .... Choice!
It was a great chance that When we said 'I Love You' .... It was a full moon night.
It was a chance that I was weeping over the perils of our relationship; You sleeping next to me ... It was a yet another full moon night.
Why blame the chance? When we made a choice to commit love, weep and ignore ... on a full moon night!
- Swati. April 19, 2010.

You & Me!

You hate me, not because ... You don't like me! But because you know, that I don't like your ways of living.
You crush me, not because ... You have power! But because you know, I have none.
You ruin me not because ... You have resources and I want them from you;
But because ... I have the resources and You want them away from me!
Its a usual fight, Between the unequals ...
Try bend me not! I would rather fight to break!
And I know that ... You break ... To fight.
 - Swati, April 7, 2010.

Bergman's Wild Strawberries!

Bergman's Wild Strawberries!

Swinging back & forth in time,
With the clock ....

My friend saw the bright Sun in the sky at night.
.... As we came out of the cinema hall

And I can't decide - even now ....
Was it the bright Sun in the night?
Or a yellow Moon on a full moon night?

Swinging back and forth
.... in the wilderness of our mind!

       - Swati, April 2, 2010.
         (Experience : an autumn evening in Mumbai, NCPA's Tata Theater, in 1996 or 97).