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Mirror Image - Reflection!

Mirror Image - Reflection!

Love for the one outside us,
Who sees through us,
Like our mirror image
- deceptive and narcissist.

Scared of the one within us,
Who sees into us,
Like a reflection in the water,
As we sail through ...
- our downside up!

This someone within us,
Sees through the dark side in us,
We are always well aware -
To hide.

Fancy the mirror -
Ignore the reflection,
As we sail .... &
Doom thy existence!

    - Swati, March 30, 2010.

'' Safety Shield ''

Safety Shield!

Shield created ....
- out of a need,
Shield had its need
- to protect.

Shield protects?or
I protect? - the shield!

I can Protect, then why - the Shield?

Humiliate the self
- in own privacy,
Confront the fear;
break the shield,
.... The need for/ to shield.

Oh! My unsafe soul,
lift the veil!
Get into the field.

       - Swati, March 28, 2010.



Its about time ---
to declare redundance
of a shield
provided by friends
who would bully the bad boys in school ---

Its about time ---
to claim ones safety
within ones own.

Its about time ---
to break away from 
the desire for captivity.

 - Swati December 2009 - March 2010.

(I took just few minutes to write first two parts. But the last three lines, took 3 months. Before these lines, I always felt this poem to be incomplete. It seems okay, as of now. Lets see how does the concept of 'Safety' evolves.)

Live and Let Live!

Live and Let Live!

'Live' and 'Let Live' ,
They are perfect! - Compliments.

Perfect Compliments ....
- Oh, such an oxymoron!

'Live' lived the way they always wanted;
'Let Live' let the 'Live' to live.

'Live' and 'Let Live' ....
Their Compromised existence;

And ... Their highlighted limitations;
... To Love and Let Being Loved.

          - Swati, March 23, 2010.



After the silence of long-long years,
I called you ....
..... And you were waiting to here my voice;

As if I was wanting to know if you wouldn't?
Between us - distances mean Nothing.
Good old friends !

- Swati, March 21, 2010.

Opportunity .... Given Up!

Opportunity .... Given Up!

I wanted that opportunity;
But it meant hurting Their Vanity,
Getting burnt into their fireworks;
Stirring up the Stinking Pond .... !

I ceased that freedom from me.
- A cowardice?.... Or Valour!

- Swati, March 17, 2010.

बहावा - वहावा !

बहावा  - वहावा !
ऐन वसंतातली पानगळ - - -   - - -  पानगळ ! छे , ही तर चाहूल  अनोख्या फुलघोसांच्या बहराची . बहावा २आकाशातून जमिनीवर  लाडात उतरणारे घवघवीत  फुलघोस वेगळपणाची श्रीमंती  डौल, अपूर्वच!
वसंतातली पानगळ बहराचे आगळपण  बंडखोरीचे साक्षात रूप 
उन्हाळलेल्या वसंताला  आला हुरूप बहावा - वहावा !  बहावा - वहावा ! अहाहा ! अहाहा ! !
- स्वाती March 15, 2010. Within next few days,  बहावा, i.e., Casia Fistula will be in full blossom in Mumbai. This tree has been an object of writing interest for Mr. V. D. Ghate, Ms. Durga Bhagwat and Dr. Sharadini Dahanukar, who have written about this beautiful tree in Marathi. Here is my petty attempt.

Amazing Me!

Amazing Me!

Amazingly Stupid - Me !
Stepping out of the Eye Care Centre,

Struggling, to Come to terms with -

My 'Out of Focus' Reality !

     - Swati. March 12, 2010


Flamingo 1

Brown, White, Pink and Black
Dots perform Symphony.
Flamingo flight is ...
An Unfamilier Amusing Company!

Flamingo 2

Waves of brown, white, pink and black ----
What a pretty sight
Flamingos' Flight !

March 07 2010

At the Kailas Temple, Ellora

At the Kailas Temple, Ellora
The Atheist in me admires Beauty of this spectacular structure
But the skeptic in me becomes humble, What a combination – Devotion, Skill and Passion …! If so, why always question the devotion?
- Swati March 1, 2010.