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At the crossroads of
Past and Future,
Its 'Here & Now'; - We are waiting
... To make peace - with the past.
And waiting even more ....
To reap the 'Work in Progress'!

- Swati, Oct. 27, 2010.

हट्ट, एक क्षण, - आणि बरेच काही ....

हट्ट, एक क्षण,  -  आणि बरेच काही .....
तिन्ही सांजेच्या अंधारात मेणबत्तीच्या धूसर उजेडात ऐन तरूणाईतले आपण एकमेकांना वेगळेच दिसलो 
त्या मोहक क्षणाला  शरण न जाता  बोलत राहीलो आपण 
--- त्यानंतर मात्र,
निसर्गावर मात करायचा  तुझा हट्ट  माझीही सवय बनला.
- स्वाती,  October 7, 2010.

Daffodils क्षण

Daffodils  क्षण 
ढगांच्या दुलई बरोबर लाल मातीत आणि
ओल्या कंच गवतावर अलगद फिरताना दिसलात मला
छोट्या छोट्या पिवळ्या रांगोळ्याच जणू , की Wordsworth च्या Daffodils माळशेज घाटाच्या भेटीला आल्या म्हणू !
- स्वाती, October 5, 2010.
माळशेज घाटात एका पावसाळी दुपारी आलेल्या अनुभवावर आधारीत.

कवितेस कारण

कवितेस कारण 

अर्थ व्यक्त कराया
शब्दांची सवारी |
भावांच्या लाटेवरी
संवेदनांची भरारी ||

- स्वाती October 3, 2010

कविता का जन्म

कविता का जन्म 

भावनओंको शब्दोंने ऐसा घेर लिया |
एक चीख सा कविता ने  जन्म लिया |

- स्वाती

October 2, 2010.

On the Sequel Before Sunrise and Before Sunset!

Before Sunrise & Before Sunset!
In the evening we met And in the morning we left .... That one night was - - The Space in Between, - We created Us.
After nine years Of being drifted apart We share, Our Hearts - Of dying inside - - Mourning the Romantic Love we have given up. ..
Now we connect - Just in Time!, As again to Depart; ...
Or May be ... May be you are gonna miss that Plane ..... ! ! !
- Swati. October 6, 2010. Before Sunrise & Before Sunset is a film sequel, directed by Richard Linklator, Acted by Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawks.

क्षितीज ओलांडताना

क्षितीज ओलांडताना

एक चौकट निवडायची त्यात   मावेलसा कागद अडकवायचा मग त्यावर चितारायचे - - - -
ही कसली उफराटी रीत तुझी?
जगावेगळे करण्याचा तुझा विश्वास ? - की ठरवलेल्या मर्यादेत  काहीतरी  - - - करत राहण्याचा अट्टाहास ?
ओ   प्रिया,  पावसात चिंब भिजत रस्त्याने जाताना  अखंड गाणी गाणारे आपण आता छत्री असून  वळचणीला गप्पगार उभे राहतोय ! हे काय झालं ? 
चल तर मग समुद्रावर - - - गरम वाळूत, उन पावसाच्या गारव्यात  भरून घेऊया  - सारे रंग  क्षितीजाच्या अंतापर्यन्तचे  - आणि पलिकडचे!
               - स्वाती August 11, 2010.


Life is life, or is it - - - - ?
.... Is it Working to Live?
Or .... Living to Work?
Some things make Life Be - !!
Reading music of the Rain;
Lazy gaze at the new leaves;
Awed stare at the Mushrooms on the Trees;
And a long walk :
in the unfrequented bylane -
only to Smell Flowers of the most Inaccessible Tree!

Oh, how lovely these petty - pretty things ...
Make the day a memory!
Make the living be life. ... !

Leisure, leisure, leisure -
Our personal ways of making our Existence a Life!

- Swati, July 26, 2010.

A Poem Inspired by the film 'Pather Panchali'

Aunt's Death
On the way home I saw your, Snow White hair . . . Loosing your shine in daylight Your faint smile disappearing in Nothingness; A serious fight of deprivation - - - Deprived me - of you …
Durga in Appu's memory
Running through the dancing fields, Chasing the moving train, We rushed to the tall tree in Rain.
--- Then I saw your fragile body, Dark face, full of Pain.
Touch of the necklace thrown, Haunts me in Vain - - -
Oh my dear fallen leaves - - - of the summer of my life, Down the Memory Lane.

- Swati June, 2010.
This poem was written for Ms. Oorvazi Irani's blog on cinema. Oorvazi is a trainer of Film Appreciation & Acting. She published this poem on her blog in June 2010. Now I am only repeating this here for readers of this blog. Thank you Oorvazi for publishing my poem in a section 'Film Appreciation Family Speaks'.
You may want to visit Oorvazi's blog:

Majestic Mansoon

Gusty Wind,
Lightening & Thunder
Rain Waves ... Spin the Mist
Majestic Monsoon bestows the Feast!
- Swati, June 14, 2010.


You robbed a thing from me ...
It cost me a Living. I robbed it,
... It cost me an Honour. Oh! My Possession and Loss!
- Swati, May 23, 2010.
After watching the film 'Bicycle Theif' once again, this was obvious.

#bicycletheif #poem #cinema


अचानक तुमच्या समोर येउन हाक मारली हात हातात घेउन म्हणालात - - - आलीस S S S ! बस ना !
पाणावलेली नजर आणि सुरकुतलेला स्पर्श यांमधून गवसले - - - असे काही, - - - जे वाटते गमावलेसे.
   - स्वाती May 15, 2010


भूगोलीय आकाराच्या किटलीत सोनेरी, तांबूस द्रव्य
वाफाळता चमचमणारा जसा लाव्हारस स्रुजनाच्या तकतकीचा मूलाधार !
कधी उकळणारा ज्वालामुखी निर्मितीतल्या विध्वंसाचा स्वामी ? - - - ! !
शांत कपात लाडिवाळ द्रव्य दिगंताच्या पलिकडचे स्फुलिंग.
            - स्वाती May 09, 2010


Happiness, ...... Or the Road to Happiness? In the quest for happiness ..... Settled for its illusion Available instantly .... In the name of success & achievement, ....
Wins in the petty games and conquers of the miserable wars .... All played havoc .... On the Road to Happiness;
..... Being in the company of worries, sulking and contemplation! All that was missing - was Happiness!!
Got bored of these co-travellers .... On the Road to Happiness And; Chose to assert freedom to stop, - to achieve, to conquer - and sulk in contemplation.
And there came the Happiness. Not the 'Road to Happiness', rather ... Happiness from Within!!!

- Swati May 03, 2010.


Sunrays baby-hugging the long path,
Known direction,
Approaching destination ....
I have a yearning for such path
And ....
I want to enjoy the journey!
- Swati April 25, 2010.

Chance ..... Choice!

Chance .... Choice!
It was a great chance that When we said 'I Love You' .... It was a full moon night.
It was a chance that I was weeping over the perils of our relationship; You sleeping next to me ... It was a yet another full moon night.
Why blame the chance? When we made a choice to commit love, weep and ignore ... on a full moon night!
- Swati. April 19, 2010.

You & Me!

You hate me, not because ... You don't like me! But because you know, that I don't like your ways of living.
You crush me, not because ... You have power! But because you know, I have none.
You ruin me not because ... You have resources and I want them from you;
But because ... I have the resources and You want them away from me!
Its a usual fight, Between the unequals ...
Try bend me not! I would rather fight to break!
And I know that ... You break ... To fight.
 - Swati, April 7, 2010.

Bergman's Wild Strawberries!

Bergman's Wild Strawberries!

Swinging back & forth in time,
With the clock ....

My friend saw the bright Sun in the sky at night.
.... As we came out of the cinema hall

And I can't decide - even now ....
Was it the bright Sun in the night?
Or a yellow Moon on a full moon night?

Swinging back and forth
.... in the wilderness of our mind!

       - Swati, April 2, 2010.
         (Experience : an autumn evening in Mumbai, NCPA's Tata Theater, in 1996 or 97).

Mirror Image - Reflection!

Mirror Image - Reflection!

Love for the one outside us,
Who sees through us,
Like our mirror image
- deceptive and narcissist.

Scared of the one within us,
Who sees into us,
Like a reflection in the water,
As we sail through ...
- our downside up!

This someone within us,
Sees through the dark side in us,
We are always well aware -
To hide.

Fancy the mirror -
Ignore the reflection,
As we sail .... &
Doom thy existence!

    - Swati, March 30, 2010.

'' Safety Shield ''

Safety Shield!

Shield created ....
- out of a need,
Shield had its need
- to protect.

Shield protects?or
I protect? - the shield!

I can Protect, then why - the Shield?

Humiliate the self
- in own privacy,
Confront the fear;
break the shield,
.... The need for/ to shield.

Oh! My unsafe soul,
lift the veil!
Get into the field.

       - Swati, March 28, 2010.



Its about time ---
to declare redundance
of a shield
provided by friends
who would bully the bad boys in school ---

Its about time ---
to claim ones safety
within ones own.

Its about time ---
to break away from 
the desire for captivity.

 - Swati December 2009 - March 2010.

(I took just few minutes to write first two parts. But the last three lines, took 3 months. Before these lines, I always felt this poem to be incomplete. It seems okay, as of now. Lets see how does the concept of 'Safety' evolves.)

Live and Let Live!

Live and Let Live!

'Live' and 'Let Live' ,
They are perfect! - Compliments.

Perfect Compliments ....
- Oh, such an oxymoron!

'Live' lived the way they always wanted;
'Let Live' let the 'Live' to live.

'Live' and 'Let Live' ....
Their Compromised existence;

And ... Their highlighted limitations;
... To Love and Let Being Loved.

          - Swati, March 23, 2010.



After the silence of long-long years,
I called you ....
..... And you were waiting to here my voice;

As if I was wanting to know if you wouldn't?
Between us - distances mean Nothing.
Good old friends !

- Swati, March 21, 2010.

Opportunity .... Given Up!

Opportunity .... Given Up!

I wanted that opportunity;
But it meant hurting Their Vanity,
Getting burnt into their fireworks;
Stirring up the Stinking Pond .... !

I ceased that freedom from me.
- A cowardice?.... Or Valour!

- Swati, March 17, 2010.

बहावा - वहावा !

बहावा  - वहावा !
ऐन वसंतातली पानगळ - - -   - - -  पानगळ ! छे , ही तर चाहूल  अनोख्या फुलघोसांच्या बहराची . बहावा २आकाशातून जमिनीवर  लाडात उतरणारे घवघवीत  फुलघोस वेगळपणाची श्रीमंती  डौल, अपूर्वच!
वसंतातली पानगळ बहराचे आगळपण  बंडखोरीचे साक्षात रूप 
उन्हाळलेल्या वसंताला  आला हुरूप बहावा - वहावा !  बहावा - वहावा ! अहाहा ! अहाहा ! !
- स्वाती March 15, 2010. Within next few days,  बहावा, i.e., Casia Fistula will be in full blossom in Mumbai. This tree has been an object of writing interest for Mr. V. D. Ghate, Ms. Durga Bhagwat and Dr. Sharadini Dahanukar, who have written about this beautiful tree in Marathi. Here is my petty attempt.

Amazing Me!

Amazing Me!

Amazingly Stupid - Me !
Stepping out of the Eye Care Centre,

Struggling, to Come to terms with -

My 'Out of Focus' Reality !

     - Swati. March 12, 2010


Flamingo 1

Brown, White, Pink and Black
Dots perform Symphony.
Flamingo flight is ...
An Unfamilier Amusing Company!

Flamingo 2

Waves of brown, white, pink and black ----
What a pretty sight
Flamingos' Flight !

March 07 2010

At the Kailas Temple, Ellora

At the Kailas Temple, Ellora
The Atheist in me admires Beauty of this spectacular structure
But the skeptic in me becomes humble, What a combination – Devotion, Skill and Passion …! If so, why always question the devotion?
- Swati March 1, 2010.

Humpty - Dumpty, Humpty

Humpty, Humpty

Humpty met a 'Left' group
Humpty & Left got together,
but Humpty left the Left.

Left never felt left out
for it was never 'in' !

Humpty sat on a wall with a lense
- - - to get a landscape view
Humpty loved the feminists & marxists in her frame
Humpty had to be like them
- - - to fit into them

Poor Humpty, never knew she had a different lens
Just few changes in her angle
and Humpty fell into a jungle
In the jungle she was alone
Just a Human - - - and not a Woman Alone.

- Byculla, June 2009

(I guess some of my dear friends, who identify with the Left may feel really angry after reading this. But my friends, its one thing to have a particular political opinion and another to identify with any formal or semi-formal group or movement. This poem is about my journey ... Please don't take any offence.)

तुटलेली मैत्री

तुटलेली मैत्री
दोन मित्रांच्या दरम्यान ज़ेह्वा अहंकार घुसतो 
आणि एकाचा अहंकार दुसरयाच्या ' स्व ' ला चिरड्तो
तेह्वा मिळते पोतडीभर   दुःख
जिचे ओझे वागवते - आयुष्य.
- स्वाती Feb. 23, 2010.


विचारांच्या प्रदेशातला असा भाग जिथे - - - सारे विचार मागे पडतात .
उरते फ़क्त एक अवकाश प्रेम नावाचे.
या अवकाशात उधळून दिलेले सुख, ताटातुटीचे क्रौर्य,  सोबतीचा दिलासा आणि हवीहवीशी असह्य वेदना एकत्र असतात - - - अपरिहार्यपणे - निव्वळ प्रेमापायी .
- स्वाती Feb. 18 , 2010

Friendship Lost

Friendship Lost

It all started as a friendly banter ...
Your ego crushed 
the core of my centre;

Along with the snow storm, 
has settled the winter ...

Life carries the burden
of a friendless conqueror.

- Swati
Feb. 24, 2010



प्रदुषणाला न जुमानता सुर्यप्रकाशाने क्षितिज विस्तारले सर्वत्र गुलाबी, सोनरंगी ऊन   - - - -
उंच इमारतीमधल्या माझ्या कोपय्रातुन मला दिसले  - - -  क्षितिजाच्या दोन टोकांवर माहुल चा डोंगर आणि हाजी मलंगाचे सुळके - - -  काही क्षण
काही क्षणच मुंबईतले सारे अंतहीन आवाज विरघळून गेले  - - - - या दोन डोंगरांच्या दरम्यान  - - - - -  माझ्या नजरेत.
- स्वाती

सपनोंका सच

सपनोंका सच

सपने ---- सपने नहीं रहते
----- जब पुरे हो जाते है

नए सच को साथ लेकर
हम चल पड़ते हैं
नए गहरी नींद मैं ----
पुनः सपने पाने के लिए
सपने देखना
---- सपने पुरे करने के लिए -----
यहीं सच है ----- सपना नहीं

- स्वाती

जिए जाना ---- जिंदगी की खोज में

जिए जाना ---- जिंदगी की खोज में

कई बरस पहले में जिंदगी थी
निर्मल, चुलबुलाता  निर्ज़र ---

अब जिए जाती हूँ
जैसे की पानी का नल
केवल इस्तेमाल होनेवाला

कभी कभी लेकिन
पानी का नल भी असहकार से जाग उठता है
कब सूखा बनता है
और कभी
फुहारों की तरह
ऊपर, नीचे और भीतर से
उछलकर आता है

संभालना है इस असहकार की ललकार को
- स्वाती

मेरी जिंदगी

चाय के बागान 

मेरी जिंदगी एक चाय का बागान है हरी - भरी, गहरी और गूढ़ जाने कहाँ की ऊंचाई और गहराई पार करनेवाली
उबल उबल पानी मै चाय के पत्तों की अर्क  लाल - सुनहरी चमचमाती  प्यारीसी स्वाद और स्वर्गीय महक परिपक्वता की सुन्दरता ------- अजोड 
गहरी जड़ों के ठन्डे जाल मै रहना जहरीले साप पसंद करते है
चाय के बागानोंने जहरीले साप को अपनी मर्यादा मै रहना सिखा दिया है
क्या यह कुछ काफी नहीं? 
- स्वाती

जगणे - जीवनाच्या शोधात

जगणे - जीवनाच्या शोधात
एके काळी मी जीवन होते निर्मळ, खळखळता झरा
आता फक्त जगते जसा पाण्याचा नळ फक्त वापरण्यापुरता
क्वचित कधीतरी मात्र नळ असहकार करतो कधी कोरडा पडतो तर कधी कारंज्यासारखा वरून, खालून उचंबळून येतो
त्याचा लहरीपणाच जपला पाहिजे खता - पाण्यावर वाढवला पाहिजे.
- स्वाती

Marathi Haiku

परवानगी नाकारली तुला तुझ्या अस्तित्वाची
मिणमिणता उजेड एकटीची वाट अचानक तुझी आश्वासक साथ - स्वाती



Consent given
to deny thee -----
thy existance
- Swati


Long Dark Road'
A lonely Walk
From around the corner, you join!

- Swati

These two were made as a part of the creative writing workshop, Byculla June 2009. Company is about the happiest moment of my life. Cruelty is about the the sadest event, my own decision ...

बुद - बुदी हसीं

बुद - बुदी हसीं

यादों ने
यादों की दिनों मैं होनेवाले
बुद - बुदी हसीं पर
अपना मुकाम तै किया ---

और हम चौक गये

ऐसी यादे की जिन के आने पर
वह बुद - बुदी हसीं ---
की एक जोरदार लहर
सर से पांव तक उठतीं हैं

और उस हंसी का न होना
नजरों पर धुंआ खड़ा करता हैं

- स्वाती

Into the Coffin

Into the Coffin

In the silence of my own grave
I wonder
Never knew I died

Realised only now,
As I see a ray
Peeping through the Coffin
- Swati

Fresh Wind!

Fresh Wind!
Oh Fresh Wind! Took me always On a Stormy Ride  ---- Spare me Now.
Sips of warm Tea, Conversation with friends Is enough ---- For the present.
May the Rising Sun Hug me Assurance ---- ---- Of 'Zapurza'.   - Swati
'Zapurza' is a well known poem by a brilliant Marathi poet, Kavivarya "Keshavsut". In this poem he has described the process of creativity - thinking, the making of science or making the world a better place to live. The state of being of the creative person, bussy doing something creative in this manner is called by Mr. Keshavsut, as "Zapurza".


Pain comes galloppingly
Stirring up my senses,
Where it resided,
----- Always,
Deep Up There.
 - Swati